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Cell Phones

Nokia L’Amour Phones Available in Taiwan

Nokia's L'Amour 7380 lux phone and its brethren are apparently now available in Taiwan. You jealous, cause I know I am. Now I just gotta figure out how to afford one, let alone import it.

Xbox Nissan Car – Cooler Then You Think

I avoided reporting on this earlier because I thought it was just another co-branded piece of junk, but read on, because the Xbox Nissan is more interesting then you think... Microsoft has announced the development of an Xbox N...


Christmas Desert: Woman Swallows Cell Phone

Now for some ridiculous news... Some woman in Missouri recently took a trip to the ER after she swallowed her cell phone, or so the police initially thought. Apparently, her boyfriend, no doubt enraged over the lack of egg nog,...

iPod VIDEO Nano

I am still torn between the iPod Video and the Nano. I want the slim and slender size of the Nano, but don’t wanna miss out on the the robust qualities (video, HD capacity, etc) of the iPod Video. Assuming I put aside the capac...


Pad Lock USB Hard Drive

If it ain’t attached to me, or doesn't slip easily into my pocket, I am pretty much gonna lose it. Imation has just released a pad lock shaped USB hard drive. Apparently, the hard drive itself is no larger then the size of a qu...

TiVo Wireless Network Adapter

Standalone TiVo Series 2s have been compatible with Wi-Fi networks for some time now. However, in the past you had to buy a third-party USB to Wi-Fi dongle. Usually, a Linksys. Now, TiVo has finally released their own 802.11g /...