Daily Archives: December 27, 2005

iJet Two-Way Wireless RF iPod Remote


ABT has announced its latest iPod accessory, the iJet Two-Way. The iJet Two-Way is a wireless RF iPod remote with an LCD screen. It’s Two-Way, of course, in that it can transmit remote controls as well as receive information to display on its two line LCD screen. What kind of...

Telson TWC 1150 Camera / Phone / Watch


Telson has launched the TWC 1150 in Indian. The Telson TWC 1150 is a combination camera, mobile phone, and watch all at the same time. This behemoth features: Infrared Wirefree Earpiece (not bluetooth?) Finger-Ring Receiver 256 Color LCD with sapphire glass Detachable camera Photo Caller ID Speaker Phone, Stop Watch...

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