Daily Archives: December 20, 2005

Ultra Wide Band Wi-Fi chip: transfer 1 GB in less than 30s


Alereon has introduced its new Ultra Wide Band chipset that can transfer 1GB data wirelessly in less than 30 seconds at The 2nd International ComBCon (Communication and Broadcasting Convergence Exhibition & Conference). That means that with Ultra Wide Band technology, you’ll get Wi-Fi transfer speed of 480 Mbs. Compare that...

MGE XG Magnum: Completely Silent 600 Watt Power Supply


If you’re like many high end gadget freaks and have your computer overstuffed with overclocked compontents, then we may have found the power supply for you. The MGE XG Magnum is a high-end power supply (PSU) that dissipates heat via a massive heat pipe system with a protruding copper radiator...

T-Mobile Hints at 3G Offering in US


T-Mobile’s Senior Vice President of Engineering Operations (try fitting that on a business card!), Neville Ray, hinted at T-Mobile’s plans for 3G services in an interview with BetaNews. Ray stated that the company is already testing 3G services in some markets, however, he did not reveal where. According to Ray,...