Daily Archives: December 19, 2005

RFID Tag Your Sushi


RFID tags are expected to show up in just about any consumable. Take for instance a Best Buy. No longer will they have to do inventory checks of its shelves to know when to order more Xbox 360s. A computer will tally the number present based on the RFID signal,...

Hello Kitty iPod Mini

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I’ve been anxiously waiting for the arrival of the Hello Kitty 6mb iPod mini, and it’s finally here! Ya, I am totally lying, but as you can imagine there are 100 of thousands of people – let’s be real, girls – that would die, and probably will die from the...

Digital Cowboy iPod Look Alike


If there aren’t already enough iPod knock offs, here’s another one. So saddle up, because here comes the Digital Cowboy’s (DCT-SDMP3/U) details: SD memory card, max size 512MB, weighs 26g, 56×13.4x59mm and USB (not sure 1 or 2). Have they no shame? Yet it apparently costs only $25, so no...

Mario Kart Arcade GP


Still trying to decide on what to ask for for Christmas? Well then, be glad you waited! Namco and Nintendo have teamed up to bring a version of Mario Kart to the arcades — Mario Kart Arcade GP. The game features the same Mario Kart mechanics you’re used to with...

Animatronic Chimpanzee Head


This is an interactive life sized animatronic chimpanzee head. It can hear, see and “feel in ways that allow him to interact intelligently with you, your family, your guests…and with baffled strangers.” To take it a step further in animatronic creepiness, the chimps eyes follow your movements using infarared radar...

Yahoo To Launch TV Programming

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Yahoo! and Softbank Corp. announced on today that they have formed a company called TV Bank Corp. to broadcast TV shows via the Internet in Japan. The new service will be called “Yahoo!Doga”. TV Bank Corp. hopes to run about 100,000 shows ranging from movies to sports from Japan, South...

Shocking Personal Lie Detector


If you’re planning a heist, or looking to rob a bank, you might wanna get your fibbing skills up to snuff just incase you manage to get by the impossibly large guard, and the cops come noising around for you. And what better way to hone your lying skills, then...

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