Daily Archives: December 15, 2005

Quackers for Blinking Ducks


Drop a few of these rubber duckies in the tub, and you got yourself a whole lot of bath fun. If anything, it’ll trick your little horror into dropping their guard long enough to submerge them for a scrubbing. The LED ducks light up in different colors (yellow, blue, white,...

Sony to lose $95 per PlayStation 3


With the exception of Nintendo, console makers usually lose money when they first release a console. The goal is to make up the losses later on in the console’s life when production costs are cheaper and when they’re making enough money off accessories and games. However, this round of consoles...

HD DVD on the Xbox 360?


There’s a rumor floating around that Microsoft plans to add HD DVD to its Xbox 360 as early as next year, according to Japan’s Jiji News. On another note, there are also rumors contradicting this rumor – sweet huh? Unfortunately, the reports that do purport the addition of the HD...

Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga Cocktail Table


If you were alive in the 80s, then I’m sure you’ve seen this Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga cocktail table in bars. You know, the glass table top on top of the arcade machine that you look down to play. Thanks to Brookstone, you can now have one of these classic...

Tekkeon ezTalker ET3000 Bluetooth Headset Released

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Tekkeon has announced the availability of its new ezTalker ET3000, a ridiculously cool Bluetooth headset. The new ezTalker uses the Bluetooth 1.2 standard to get a cleaner sound quality. But that’s not what truly seperates the ET3000 from its competition. The headset features a 64 x 48 LED screen. According...

Record HDTV Broadcasts on Your Computer


If you don’t wanna throw down all the cash for the whole kit and caboodle HDTV set and Tivo, then just pick up the Cats Eye USB HDTV. The Cats Eye tuner provides you with the software and hardware to capture, pause, rewind, fast forward and schedule broadcast HDTV to...

Sleek PDA Phone By Bluebirdsoft: Pidion BM-200

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The Bluebirdsoft PDA Pidion BM-200 mobile phone is one sleek and sexy looking device. It doesn’t sport a full keypad like many other phones, so dialing is done via LCD screen. There are 4 soft keys at the base of the phone that appear to be: answer, email, hang up,...

Scary News: Company To Adopt Child, Legally


A company called Weblinkhosting.com wants to legally adopt a kid – they have been working on the process for 6 months now. Yes, it is a sick and twisted PR stunt, but hell, it’s working because I’m writing about it. They propose that the child will live, yes live at...

Wireless USB to Eliminiate Your Rat’s Nest

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First it was WiFi, then it was Bluetooth, and now it is Wireless USB (Wisair is the primary developer). Many argued that Bluetooth would be trumped by WiFi, but as we have seen continued adoption of the wireless standard – often found in portable devices because of its low power...

LG Waterproof Phones Announced


LG announced its waterproof phone today – probably the perfect life guard phone. The canU 502S, crafted in cooperation with Casio Computer, can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes with no damage. The phone has also been reinforced with special glass and urethane, and a replaceable bumper...

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