Daily Archives: December 12, 2005

Flick Yourself Stress Free


Drop the stress ball and start flicking. The Finger Flick Punchbag is designed to relieve stress and entertain the occasional office mate. Each flick is measured by the ‘flick-o-meter’ – but of course! There are six different flick strengths ranging from Mega Wimp to Super Hero. It even comes with...

Small Shiny Korean MP3 Player


No too much is known about the Mbeat (aka ‘Jewelry’, which is on the back of the device), but as you can see from the pics it comes in at least 256MB, is shiny, and doesn’t sport a display. It’s pretty small though, and has a neat look to it....

Blast Marshmallows 40 Feet


Break out the hot chocolate shields because ThinkGeek just released the marshmallow shooter. What really caught my eye was not only the gun’s ability to shoot a marshmallow 40 feet, but you can fill its chamber with mini-marshmallows to recreate a shotgun like blast. Somehow I think people will be...

Motorola Q Alive and Running


Mobileburn has some screen shoots of Motorola’s Q (soon to be dubbed the Blackberry assassin) running Window’s Mobile 5.0. They also had a chance to play with the device and noted that it wasn’t quite as speedy as the Blackberry, and nor was its build as durable feeling. Its not...

KDDI Announces Fuel Cell Mobiles

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KDDI announced today its prototype Hitachi and Toshiba cell phones powered by next gen fuel cells. The Toshiba fuel cell phone is based on the A5590T handset. The device is powered by a compact fuel cell (methanol) and fuel tank on the back, in addition to an internal lithium ion...

Credit Card To Carry All Your Medical History


Soon, you maybe able to carry all your medical info on a plastic card no bigger then the ones in your purse or wallet. The New York City hospital and 8 affiliate hospitals are currently testing the SmartCard technology and plan to distribute the cards to 100k people next Spring....

Nano Armor 5 Times Stronger Then Steel


Move over Kevlar, because an Israeli company called ApNano has developed, through the use of nano technology, a material that is 5 times the strength of steel and at least twice as strong as any material used in protective gear. The company originally concentrated in nano-based lubricants, but apparently shifted...

Apple to Eliminate Firewire?!


There’s a rumor floating around that Firewire will eventually be eliminated from Apple’s line of goods. The frenzy was first sparked by USB only compatibility in the iPod Nano, and now there are reports of the Firewire 800 only showing up on the next gen iBooks. Apparently, Apple has also...

Wallet Sized Flash Card


The Walltex Wallet Flash card has a much larger foot print then any USB stick, but makes up for it in slimness and practicality. It looks a little thicker then a credit card, and should fit snuggly in any standard wallet. It can hold up to 2GB, is USB 2.0...

StealthText: Self Destructing Text Messages


Busy flirting on text messages? Nosy significant others reading your cell phone text messages? Do you have sensitive business text messages you’re sending out? A UK developer, Staellium UK, has the answer for you. StealthText. StealthText is a a new way to send text messages on your cell phone. The...

TagType Game Pad – Sure to Confuse?

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This is gotta be one of the most complicated video game controllers I have ever seen. The thing looks like it was ripped from the Aliens movie set, or pried from a Klingon vessel. Purportedly, the TagType is designed as a replacement to the keyboard, and is currently geared towards...

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