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iTunes Signature Maker

A guy named Jason Freeman has created a tool that generates a 'short musical signature to represent who you are and what you listen to,' based on your music library. Download it, give it a shot and let us know the results. The ...
Cell Phones

Official Release Date of Samsung T809 Announced

We have finally gotten the official word that TMobile will release the much anticipated (understatement) Samsung T809 slider phone on Monday December 12th. Here are the official specs on the phone: Ultra slim black slider desig...


Recycle Water Using Plants

Not all gadgets have to be of the man made kind. Scientists in the UK have developed a system to clean water by the use of plants. The system is designed to be used with water in a house that has already been used once. The use...

WiFi Rabbit that Reacts to The Internet

Its not fluffy, but sure is damn cute. The Nabaztag Rabbit reacts to what’s happening online. Just program the device to react and you got yourself a 23cm tall Internet beacon. The Rabbit communicates by lighting up using 100s ...


iRiver Releases 2GB U10 MP3/PVP

Purportedly, iRiver has released a 2GB version of its U10 MP3/PVP player. We reported on the release of the 512MB and 1GB U10 back in October. No word on price and availabilty.

Flamingo Bluetooth Headset – Style and Simplicity

Much like the guys over at RedFerret, I was pretty disappointed in my Bluetooth headset, the Logitech Mobile Freedom. The thing was just too damn heavy, didn’t stick to my ear the way I wanted it to, and often I couldn’t hear t...


Erasable Shower Note Tablet

So they say some of the best ideas are created in the bathroom. You know - it’s a place where you have time to read, think, and ponder. Well, now when you are lathering yourself up and you’re suddenly inspired you can jot down ...

Klegg Mini MP3 Released

Klegg Electronics launched their Klegg Mini MP3 player today. It can play DRM, WMA, and MP3 music formats. The device sports a 1? 4096 color LCD display that can display photos and in all likelihood album art. It measures 48 X ...


JamMate UG-1: USB Guitar

Okay so you thought a USB turntable was cool? You just haven't realized the full musical potential of USB then. The new JamMAte UG-1 is a USB guitar. Throw away that amp, because all you need to do now is plug your guitar into ...

Microsoft CEO shopping for his XBox 360

How big of an XBox 360 shortage is there? Well apparently CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, will have to shop around for an XBox 360 this holiday season just like the rest of you. I say you and not us because I have an XBox 360 ...