Daily Archives: December 7, 2005

Wooden Clock with Hidden LED Display


Appears as a regular wooden LED clock (cause there are so many of those, right), no? But there is more. The final nail in this clock’s wooden structure is its hidden LED display. When the clock is off, it appears as a plain old wooden box. Turn it on, and...

Night Light Glow Brick

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Stylish and nightlight are two words that aren’t generally found in the same sentence. In fact, nightlights are generally associated with young children, until now. The Glow Brick night light is a stylish accessory that can be placed in any bedroom or living room, and it requires no external power...

One Stop Solution to Remove iPod Scratches

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Great packaging, great presentation, great product idea. The iDrops is a one stop solution for fixing blemishes (i.e. scratches) on your iPod, iBook, or any similarly acrylic based product. We recently saw a number of DIY on how to fix your iPod scratches, but for those who aren’t familiar with...

Hannspree Watch Inspired LCD TV


Back in October we reported on the Hannspree children themed LCDs. Hannspree, as it turns out, is one of the largest manufactures of LCDs TV. Nonetheless, they continue to innovate in their field and recently released the HannsTime.Square LCD TV thingee mabobby. Thingee mabobby because it ain’t your regular LCD....

Creative Announces iPod Rip Off

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Creative, who recently sued Apple, has made a sad, sad attempt at rivaling the all too successful Apple iPod. There new Zen Vision:M looks like a carbon copy of the iPod minus the intuitive click wheel (it has a vertical scroll button – please), slender size (almost twice as thick...

Nintendo Revolution Technical Details


With the launch of its Revolution fan site, IGN released some details about the upcoming Nintendo Revolution. What you’re about to read are not the official specs, but rather information gathered from developers who are playing with development kits. According to most studios, they are developing on “GameCube-based kits.” That’s...

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