Daily Archives: December 5, 2005

North Face Tent that Withstands 130mph Winds


Planning a camping trip on Mt. Washington, home of the fastest wind speeds in the world? Then you should consider hooking up with a North Face Spectrum 3 season tent. Although the Spectrum may not stand up to the 231mph wind gusts on Mt. Washington, it will handle up to...

Holiday Present Idea – FishTank USB


What a perfect gift to compliment the USB Fondue pot. Only this time it appears this one is real. Just plug the mini fish tank (fish isn’t real) into your USB and power a small motor that causes the fish to jerk and thrash (ok, slightly move) as if they...

MP3 Player Controls Your Phone via Bluetooth


At this rate it seems as though every cell phone will sport an integrated MP3 player. But what if you aren’t ready to take the plunge in what seems to be uncharted territory. Take for example the recent pit falls of the Motorola ROKR. If you were one that dropped...

Blackberry 7130e Review


PCMag recently reviewed the new Blackberry 7130e phone. This particular Blackberry sports a limited keyboard by comparison to its predecessors, but expands beyond the standard 12 button phone. Blackberry has added a few extra keys at its side which reduced letter amount per key to 2. The 7130e’s new keyboard...

Rumor: Samsung T809 Available in US


There’s a rumor floating around that the Samsung T809 is available here in the US from T-Mobile. Its not on their site yet, but we’re trying to get confirmation. Check back later today or this week for more details....

Xbox 360 backwards compatibility is crap


I love backwards compatibility in consoles. It allows me to sell my old console (for next to nothing — thanks Julie!). It allows me to clear up clutter in my already crowded TV stand. And most importantly, it gives my new console some games for me to play when I...

Palm Treo 700w Info from FCC


Remember when we announced in September that there would be a Palm Treo running Windows? Well thanks to the FCC, we now have some official information on the upcoming Windows Mobile 5.0 running, Verizon-exclusive Palm Treo 700w (could the w be for Windows?) The FCC has released the entire filing...

According to Microsoft only 3% of XBox 360s are defective


There’s been a lot of blogging and buzzing about Microsoft XBox 360s locking up and overheating. It’s no shocker that Microsoft decided to make an official statement. According to Microsoft, only 3% of XBox 360s are defective, which they claim is below the industry average. According to me? Bullshit. I’ve...

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