Daily Archives: December 1, 2005

Temperature Controlled Butter Dish


Nothings worse then toasting your bread and quickly destroying it with rock solid butter. On the converse, smothering your bread or toast with too much butter (when its super soft) can be sickening (although my English mother would disagree – she grew up without real butter post WWII for a...

USB Fondue Pot for Fun


I feel like this product has been kickin’ around for a while, but what the hell: There are products you use and there are products that you gift. In the case of the Fundue its the product you gift (kinda like those damn Urban Outfitter books). The Fundue (as in...

Nokia 6233 Phone Announced


Last but not least, Nokia unvieled its Nokia 6233, the follow up to the 6230. Based on the press release the phone is marketed towards the business sector. The 6233 supports the ability to synchronize calendars, contacts, and to-do lists via SyncML. Much like the 6234 the 6233 supports music...

Nokia 6234 Announced for Vodafone (EU Market)

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Nokia unveiled its 6234 Vodafone phone today (that’s a mouthful). The 6234 features a high rez 2 megapixel camera, digital music player with stereo speakers supported by microSD memory, and a number of other features including Bluetooth. The phone is reported to have a 4 hour talk time on a...

Nokia 6282 Announced for US Release


Nokia launched its sleek, minimalist looking 6282 sliding keyboard phone today. The Nokia 6282 sports a 1 megapixel camera (slight disappointment considering Nokia has entered the 2 megapixel market), an FM radio, and a digital music player with hot-swappable miniSD cards. The phone is 3G compatible and should offer the...

Mobiky Genius: Folding Bike


California based company, Mobiky, has release the world’s first foldable bike — the Genius. It supposedly took Mobiky 2 years of research and over $1 million in R&D to develop, so the least you can do is read this blog post. The Mobiky Genius is a 3 speed city bike...

Buy Tickets and check Traffic on your TiVo

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TiVo is facing a lot of competition. On the DVR front, their partner DirecTV and other cable and satellite providers are making their own boxes. On the media center front, they’re facing Windows Media Center and Apple’s upcoming Intel Mac mini. TiVo is going to have to offer more than...

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