Monthly Archives: November 2005

Olympus FE-110 Review

- - 0 Comments brought us a review of the 4 megapixel Olympus FE-100 and the 6 megapixel Olympus FE-120. They must have heard our cries for a review of the 5 megapixel Olympus FE-110, because that’s what we got today. What did think of this entry level 5 megapixel digital camera?...

XBox 360: Hands On Impressions

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After a long day of work and hunting down an XBox 360 hard drive, I finally got to go home and enjoy my XBox 360. I’m definitely not ready to give you a full review of the system, but I’d like to at least give my first impressions. First off,...

Motorola MS550 Camera Phone Pics

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Here’s another pic off Mobileburn of Motorola’s MS550 3 megapixel camera phone. The phone is now shipping in Korea, but no word on if and when we’ll see it State side. We originally reported on the MS550 on Halloween....

Cingular to Go AT&T Brand


In a piece of news that shocked the telecom world, Cingular will apparently reassume the AT&T brand (slightly different logo, see pic). Don’t really make sense considering all the branding (spending) they did to reaffirm the Cingular brand name. Cingular has recently been under fire with its numerous network problems,...

Lacie Hard Drive Lego Bricks


Pretty damn neat. They apparently even stack like Legos. For some reason I can see Google assembling a small house out of these. The USB 2.0 hard drives were designed by Ora-Ito. Avaible directly at Lacie and start at $119 for a 160GB and go up to 500GB for $399....

Blackberry 7130e


Verizon released the Blackberry 7130e yesterday. This is their first phone to take advantage of their high speed EV-DO network (Verizon claims 400-700k download speeds, but results have been mixed). The phone can also be plugged into a computer and act as a modem.The 7130e takes a new spin on...

Control iTunes with Your PSP


Saw this originally on With Coverbuddy, not only is it easy to ad art to your iTunes portfolio, but you can control your computer’s entire music library with your PSP via WiFi. Reminds me of Sailing Clicker for your Bluetooth enabled cell phone. Picture courtesy of

Lazer Tags Back – or did it never leave?


Until I recently walked into Costco, I thought Lazer Tag had gone the way of the dodo bird. Last I remember, Lazer Tag was discontinued 15 years ago or so, when I was a kid. If you remember correctly it all started with the sleek black gun and a sensor...

XBox 360 Hard Drive Shortage


By the time I finally got to reserving my XBox 360, they were all out of premium systems. Desperate for the unit, I picked up the Core, figuring I could just buy a hard drive and HD cable. Sure I was overpaying, but at least I didn’t have to buy...

Smash my XBox 360


I’m sorry, this is just too damn funny. The shmucks over at raised $430 in donations in order to purchase an XBox 360 at launch outside of a Best Buy last night at midnight. Right after buying the XBox 360 they smashed it with a sledgehammer in front of...

Verena Vlajo: female gamer pictures


When we first reported on the World Cyber Games in Singapore last week, a lot of you seemed to be curious about Verena Vlajo. And who wouldn’t be? This 24 year old from Austria was the only female out of the 700 contestants. She may not have won, but she...

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