More Apple Rumors.

Apparently, the Shuffle might get a tad smaller and we might see colors (not the droppin’ acid kind, bro). According to a Wall Street analyst, these might show up in January, when the new rumored Powerbooks are to be unveiled.

Also there is mention that the new iPods bug out when placed close to ringing GSM phone. Crap, I know my speakers light up like a plane about to land on my head when a cell phone is ringing close by, but an iPod? No definite on this and as the article points out this issue maybe overblown. This is what the analyst said (pulled from AppleInsider):

“From our checks, it appears to impact GSM and not CDMA phones and only on nanos and video Pods,” Wu said. “When a ringing GSM phone is directly in front of the clickwheel, the iPod could go ‘crazy’ and its volume could fluctuate uncontrollably (reminds us of R2D2 when shot by a laser gun).”

Apparently, a little better shielding and the new iPods will be as right as rain.

Story via Mobilemag

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