Cut your gas prices and heat all your hot water with a microwave.

Apparently a company called Pulsar Advanced Technologies will soon release a product the size of a speaker (big or small who knows) that will heat your house’s water in seconds through the use of microwaves, and ultimately cut out the need for gas heaters. Even cooler is that the Vulcanus MK4 (do I hear volcano in there?) heats water on demand, and thus eliminates the possibility of Legionella Pneumophila, a result of stagnant hot water.

The Vulcanus MK4 will show its sleek self at the Construct Canada in Toronto between Nov. 30 and Dec. 2.

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Legionellosis is an infection caused by species of the bacterium Legionella, most notably L. pneumophila. At least 46 species and 70 serogroups have been identified. L. pneumophila, an ubiquitous aquatic organism that thrives in warm environments (32°- 45°C) causes over 90% of Legionnaires Disease in the United States.

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