Until I recently walked into Costco, I thought Lazer Tag had gone the way of the dodo bird. Last I remember, Lazer Tag was discontinued 15 years ago or so, when I was a kid. If you remember correctly it all started with the sleek black gun and a sensor system that could take 4 or 5 shots. The sensor was worn with straps on your chest. Eventually the manufacture – I am assuming it was Tiger then – came out with more advanced guns including a canon/rifle in white and then all of a sudden the would-be ‘hit’ disappeared from store shelves – probably safe to assume that the video game bonanza took over.

Good to see that good old fashion fun is still around although it looks a little more advanced then I remember. This time you have a HUD display that patches into the gun and tells you if you’re locked on, someone is close by, or if you are hit. There’s also a built in headset for sound effects. The HUD/Gun also enables you to play 11 games – must just dictate score and goal, but still pretty cool.

Available at Amazon for $39.99. Includes two guns and HUDs.

Check out some of the reviews on Amazon as well – pretty informative.

Christen Costa

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