Want to turn your squeeze-bottle Popov vodka into a bottle of Grey Goose? Well according to Grey Goose, if you use their new $29.95 gadget, you can!

The Gray Kangaroo is a stylin’ Brita filter marketed towards filtering liquor. One of the things better quality vodkas feature is that they were filtered more times. So when you filter your crappy liquor through the Grey Kangaroo, you should end up with slightly higher quality vodka.

The main idea is that you’re removing unwanted particles from the distilling process. Some of these particles are the cause of hangovers even. While this filter won’t save you from hangovers as well as AWOL, you should get back more of your day than Popov was giving you.

The Gray Kangaroo works with any handle of liquor. Be it vodka, whiskey, rum gin, or tequila. However, the creators recommend its use with vodka.

This drinking man’s gadget will set you back $29.95 and will last at least 50 liters. After you that you need to buy refills that cost $12.95.

Story via OhGizmo

Christen Costa

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