Google wants to WiFi the town of Mountain View, California, home of Its essentially the same proposal we saw Google make to San Francisco some months ago. Both towns are still trying to decide if they would like to accept the offer.

Google even admitted that providing and paying for the WiFi would to accomplish the following:

“In our self-interest, we believe that giving more people the ability to access the Internet will drive more traffic to Google and hence more revenue to Google.”

Hey, at least they are being honest. Apparently the WiFi integration into Mountain View would cost Google $12,600 a year – pennies (if not less) on the dollar when you consider the return they would receive. Remember, if Google provides the WiFi they can potentially target ads far more precisely then any other engine. The only engine I see that has a one up on targeting right now is MSN. MSN uses not only the info that a user types into the search box, but their ‘passport information’ (the login used to access Hotmail, etc). In other words, MSN can tell (assuming you are logged in) age, gender, etc.

Christen Costa

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