In a piece of news that shocked the telecom world, Cingular will apparently reassume the AT&T brand (slightly different logo, see pic). Don’t really make sense considering all the branding (spending) they did to reaffirm the Cingular brand name.

Cingular has recently been under fire with its numerous network problems, but AT&T had its own set of problems when the number transition between networks was implemented a few years ago. On a number of occasions I have received a “check the number and dial again” when calling my voicemail or others on the network. I have also faced serious customer service issues. Cingular is no LONGER HONORING the $100 rebate that I spoke of in September. Now I have to chase them down and get a credit on my account.

Is it me, or is it that these damn cell phone companies can’t keep their CSRs in check. WHY CINGULAR, WHY!??!?!?!

Picture and Story via Phonescoop

Christen Costa

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