Dpresource has a review of the pretty small 5 megapixel Canon SD30. The SD30 is small, stylish and comes in 5 colors. Dpresource was impressed overall with the camera’s performance and aesthetic style. They did note that the SD30 was not suitable for all occasions, but given its relatively small size and decent pixel count it is still a good option.
Both a notable drawback and feature is the SD30’s docking station. It allows for transfer of photos, charging, hooking it up to a TV, and control via an infrared remote. The drawback of the dock means that the camera itself doesn’t sport a USB port or A/V outs, so when traveling you have to carry the docking station for transfer or viewing on a larger screen. It should be noted that the infrared remote – a very cool feature – can only be used to control viewing of photos, not the taking. On a final note, don’t expect good indoor flash taking as red eye is often present and make sure you grab a larger memory card as Canon is only packing a 16mb one, and the battery life is supposedly so-so.

Christen Costa

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