When you think of Bose you think of the bump they put in your music. Well if the Massachusetts based company has it their way they’ll soon be taking the bump out of your commute. Apparently Bose, most well known for its compact radios with rich sound quality, has tinkered in many things outside of the acoustic industry.

The $1.7 billion a year company is working on a new suspension system that will revolutionize the auto industry. Currently the device can jump over a small object in the road, which apparently is an example of the devices ability to avoid potholes and obstructions. Hard to understand how this device will increase cornering abilities, but it may. It should add some significant weight and cost to the vehicle, but Bose hopes to target the suspension system at the high end consumer. 76 year old Amar Bose, founder and technical director of the company, began this project back in 1980.

Picture courtesy of MSNBC

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