Daily Archives: November 28, 2005

Samsung SPH-4000 Compass, Walking Phone


Samsung released its Korean only SPH-4000. The phone truly does have some weird, but somewhat useful features. First off it can sense gesture. What’s that mean? Move the phone a certain direction and you activate your MP3 playback. You can apparently activate (don’t know about control) some games as well....

Bose Stereo Makes a Jumping Car


When you think of Bose you think of the bump they put in your music. Well if the Massachusetts based company has it their way they’ll soon be taking the bump out of your commute. Apparently Bose, most well known for its compact radios with rich sound quality, has tinkered...

Samsung Flexible 7″ LCD


Samsung has unveiled its 7″ flexible LCD (largest to date). Don’t know what the practical uses are of a flexible LCD, but apparently this one is not only larger in size then its predecessors, but supports a higher resolution. Picture courtesy of Korea Times...

Canon SD30 Review

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Dpresource has a review of the pretty small 5 megapixel Canon SD30. The SD30 is small, stylish and comes in 5 colors. Dpresource was impressed overall with the camera’s performance and aesthetic style. They did note that the SD30 was not suitable for all occasions, but given its relatively small...

TiVo to let you search for commercials


TiVo, a device known for its ability to allow you to skip commercials, is soon going to give you the ability to watch commercials. Yeah, you read that right. TiVo announced that it will create a technology that will allow you to search for specific commercials by keyword or category....

HP Photosmart R817 Review


CNET.com has a review of HP’s latest entry into the point-and-shoot compact digital camera market, the Photosmart R817. This 5.1 megapixel camera features a 5x optical zoom and some nice photo-enhancement features. Other than the lack of an optical viewfinder… what did CNET.com think of the HP Photosmart R817? Pros:...

PlayStation 3 to offer parental controls


Sony has become the latest console maker to announced parental controls in its upcoming PlayStation 3. Microsoft XBox 360 shipped last week with parental controls. Nintendo Revolution announced parental controls earlier this month. Parental controls certainly aren’t new to Sony. The PSP already supports the controls and the PlayStation 2...

XBox 360: Second Impression


Last week I gave you guys my first impressions of the XBox 360. Now I’ve had a week with the system, a chance to play more games, and even try my hand at XBox Live. Today, I’d like to share my second impression with the system. Last week I was...

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