Daily Archives: November 21, 2005

Samsung SPH-G1000 Photos


Mobileburn managed to snap some photos of the Korean only SPH-1000G gaming phone. The graphics do look pretty tight for a phone, and apparently it has a TV hookup as well. Picture courtesy of Mobileburn...

Sony DRM Session2 Defeated by Scotch


You know that damn DRM technology that is getting Sony sued for placing it on its discs? Well, apparently it can be defeated by the simple placement of an opaque piece of tape on the disc’s edge. The computer then bypasses the protection and loads the CD normally. Who woulda...

Olympus SP-310 Review


Olympus released a 7 megapixel and an 8 megapixel version of its SP compact digital camera line. Today, thanks to dpreview.com, we have a review of the 7 megapixel version — the Olympus SP-310. What did dpreview.com think of tjos point and shoot with 3x optical zoom? Pros: Bright, vivid...

Lie Detector at the Airport


You know what the crappiest part about flying is? That you have to get to the airport hours before your flight even leaves. Well, imagine if you had to get their even earlier, but your safety was increased folds over? I bet many would be willing, and if the Israeli...

Another Blow for Infinium Labs


It just gets worse for the guys over at Infinium Labs, makers of the Phantom gaming box. The ex-Microsoft employee, Kevin Bacchus, has stepped down after less then 3 months of service as CEO. Its not clear why he quite, but its no huge surprise considering the companies history, or...

Motorcycle Helmet Speakers


Riding a motorcycle doesn’t mean you have to give up your tunes thanks to Software developer Nippon MMI Technology Inc. Apparently they have developed a bone conducing speaker that safely allows the listening of music by placing them in your helmet. In the past these types of speakers struggled to...

TiVo shows on your iPod Video and PSP


It’s official. Your standalone TiVo Series2 is going to let you transfer your recorded television programs to your iPod Video or your Sony PSP. We previously reported on a hack that would let you transfer TiVo content to your iPod Video. But soon this will be an official feature supported...

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