Daily Archives: November 17, 2005

Slim Device Squeeze Box

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Although in its 3rd installment, this device is simple and sleek just the way we like it. Perfect to compliment any contemporary layout, I could most certainly see this on my shelf. Slim Device’s Squeezebox is a wireless, or wired depending on your preference, streaming MP3 music box. It ties...

XM Radio MP3 Player by Dell


Close but no cookie. At first we were thinking that this device would allow for portable XM reception and MP3 playing. Turns out the Dell/XM Radio MP3 player can just record XM content whilst in its cradle. Still a slick looking MP3 player with extra functionality, but we can’t wait...

Motorola Announces Rokr


In some boring news, Motorola announced plans for a new Rokr phone. Insert image of party streamers, and one lonesome person with party hat tipped to side sipping a bottle of champagne waiting for the people to show. Apparently, the new Rokr will be more stylish and perhaps resemble the...

Darwin Award Nominee


Vote these guys in for the Darwin Awards. A crack pot team of counterfeiters sent a jammed printer in for repair. One thing, they forget to take out the counterfeit bill that was jamming the very machine they used to make the bills. The team was later busted after a...

Motorola Screen3 Ticker Tape Technology


You need info, then it is probably just a click, or in the case of the new Motorola V557, a screen away. Motorola introduced its V557 cell phone today that features its Screen3 technology. Screen3 “pushes information out to the phone’s idle screen in a “ticker tape” that runs along...

Olympus FE-100 Review


Last week, CNET.com posted on a review on the mediocre Olympus FE-120. This week we get a review of the even more mediocre Olympus FE-100. What did they have to say about this entry level $149 4-megapixel camera? Pros: Simple operation; budget price; internal memory saves 30 high-quality shots. Cons:...

World Cyber Games in Singapore


What do you call a room full of 699 guys and 1 woman? No, not a sausage fest. It’s the world’s biggest competition for computer and video games. It’s the World Cyber Games. Players from 67 countries will compete in over 1,000 matches to declare the world’s ultimate video game...

MIT $100 laptop is for kids


Turns out that goofy picture of the $100 MIT laptop we revealed yesterday is the actual picture. The $100 laptop designed by the MIT Media Lab is designed for school-aged children worldwide. The textbook-sized lime green laptop with yellow handcrank was revealed in prototype form by chairman Nicholas Negroponte. Negroponte...

Titan I portable power source


Big Wave Power has introduced a portable power source this week — the Titan I. This rechargeable battery pack will let you recharge your other devices on the go. The Titan I weights only 4.8 ounces and measures in at 4.10 x 2.41 x.67 inches. According to its manufacturer it...

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