Daily Archives: November 16, 2005

DNA LoJack


Forget LoJack, just smear some DNA (thoughts of OJ enter – holy bad taste day) on your car and your good to go! Not quite, but close. Just mark your goods with your thumb print, or finger print, by first placing it in the special ink. The thumb print only...

$100 Laptop Pic


Not sure if this is just someone (the Design Consortium) theorizing what the MIT $100 laptop computer program will look like, but it definitely gets the point across by having 3rd World like children smiling in its frame....

Nintendo Revolution Parental Control


Don’t want your little whipper-snapper playing the next installment of Grand Theft Auto? Then there are two things you can do: 1) Don’t buy a Playstation or Xbox 2) Buy a Nintendo Revolution with Play Control Play Control allows parents to set the max rating the user is allowed. The...

Atari 800 XE Laptop


Benjamin J Heckendorn, webmaster of benheck.com, has built the world’s first portable Atari 800. This guy has built portable game systems out of an old Nintendo and even a Neo Geo. But nothing has made him as proud as his “Holy Grail” of portable gaming systems — the Atari 800...

One Huuuge iPod Accessory – Geneva Sound System


Single speaker meets single iPod. What do you get? A match made in acoustic heaven. Well maybe not heaven, but this is one of the largest iPod accessories we have ever seen. Just slip your iPod into the intergrated slot. As reported by GadgetsOnTheGo.net the single speaker will provide significant...

Hyundai MP 280 Scented Perfume Phone


From the pic it looks like someone is ‘shooting up’ their cell phone. Close, but no heroin addict (is that funny or just bad humor…). Actually, what you are seeing is the first perfume/cologne infused phone. When you snap open the phone a little sprits is emitted and your nostrils...

Olympus FE-120 Review

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CNET.com posted a review of the Olympus FE-120 digital camera last week. What did they think of this 6 megapixel point and shoot? The camera certainly qualifies as a budget 6 megapixel coming in at only $229. Here’s what CNET has to say: Pros: Solid image quality; robust burst mode;...

Google Base Launched


Previously announced last month, Google Base just launched today. Google Base is an eBay/ Craigslist / forum of sorts. Or straight from the homepage of Google Base: Google Base is a place where you can add all types of information that we’ll host and make searchable online. You can describe...

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