Daily Archives: November 15, 2005

Docupen R700 Ultra Portable Scanner


I remember way back in the day (we are talking late 80’s, early 90s) when my father had what was known back then as a ‘portable copier’. You ran the device – slightly larger then ‘Zach’s Saved By the Bell Cell Phone’ – over the paper and it churned out...

iLoad Might Be A Load of…


If you recall, we ran an article about a product called the iLoad last week. Its designed for the folks that want an iPod but don’t have a computer to transfer the music (ya we know, its just a little impractical). It turns out that Gizmodo sort of ‘bagged/ragged’ on...

Google Offers Free Analytics Tool


Need to track your adwords or non-adwords performance and don’t wanna spend the cash on a tracking tool? Then you’re in luck. Google now offers a (an assumption here) boiled down version of Urchin. I haven’t used the new Google Analytics tool yet, but I have used Urchin. Once I...

Sony Ericsson P970 – The Smaller Youth P990


Word on the street is that Sony Ericsson has plans for a less feature heavy P990. According to clubsonyericsson.com the P970 will lack the QWERTY keyboard, 3G and WiFi connectivity. Purportedly the Sony Ericsson P970 will be smaller in size, but still maintain its touch screen feature....

Sharp Releases Shock Resitant MP3 Player


Sharp has launched a line of MP3 players that are shock resistant. Apparently you can drop the device from a height of 4.6 feet and it will be fine. The Sharp MP-S200 and MP-S300, 512mb and 1gb respectively, is surrounded by metal bars – sort of reminds me of the...

OS X Denied $100 Laptop Bid


Back in the early days of Apple, they offered up free computers to any school that was willing to have ‘em. The idea, or should I say scheme, was that the kids used them in school, took their work home, and then mom and dad had to purchase an Apple....

Kodak EasyShare P850 Review


CNET.com has a review of Kodak’s 5 megapixel digital camera. What did they think of this pricey camera with 12x optical zoom? Pros: Broad feature set for its class; image stabilization; multiple custom functions; speedy burst mode. Cons: Pricey for a 5-megapixel camera; trouble handling highlights; various problems with photo...

PDX nano PC: another Mac mini clone


It seems like everyone is trying to clone the Mac mini. First there was the AOpen miniPC. Now Japanese manufacturer PDX is releasing the Millinux nano PC and Slim Ultra PC. The nano PC measurers 163 × 43 × 163mm and the Slim Ultra is a little wider but 13...

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