Archive for September 20th, 2014

iLoad Your iPod without a Computer

Now you don't need a computer to jam pack your iPod full of your favorite, or not so favorite tunes. Introducing the iLoad (nice original name). Check out the site, but it looks like you just connect the device (looks like a gl...

Firefox Movie URL Means War with IE

Use Internet Explorer and go to Now use Firefox and go to the same URL and you should see the featured picture. Nice marketing move from Firefox, just wonder how many people are gonna get pissed off by the ...


Insane PSP Commercial

This has to be one of the more insane video game commercials I have ever seen. During the entire viewing I thought that the thing was going to kill or maim someone. Check it out at Here

Toyota i-unit Concept Vehicle

Remember, “Transformers more then meets the eye? Well, that’s sorta what Toyota has planned for its next concept vehicle. It’s basically a Segway meets dune buggy. The i-unit concept vehicle will go from a side walk transport s...


Google WiFi Spreads Further

Google wants to WiFi the town of Mountain View, California, home of Its essentially the same proposal we saw Google make to San Francisco some months ago. Both towns are still trying to decide if they would like to ...

Canon EOS 5D Review has a review of Canon's 12.8 megapixel digital SLR camera, the Canon EOS 5D. What did they think of this $3299 digital camera? Pros: Top-notch, high-resolution images; 35mm-size sensor obviates focal-length conversions...


Kodak Remains #1 Digital Camera Manufacturer

For the fourth straight quarter, Kodak retains its lead over rivals Canon and Sony in the digital camera market. This last quarter Kodak shipped 1.25 million digital cameras, 21% more than last year's third quarter. Canon and S...