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Macally IP-S111 Review

No headphones for your iPod, or wanna listen with your buddies, then simply plop on the Macally PodWave/IP-A111. But what do you do if you have a Shuffle? Simple, just insert the iPod Shuffle into the Macally IP-S111. Don’t exp...

XBox 360 Prototype Designs

Sure we all know what the XBox 360 looks like now, but what did it look like in prototype form. If this at all excites you head on over to Next Generation to see high res images of six XBox 360 Designs that didn't make the cut.


Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-R1 Review

The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-R1 10 megapixel "point-and-shoot" camera was highly anticipated since its announcement in September. How does the 10 megapixel camera which carries a price tag below $1000 stack up? Designtechnica is her...

Pansonic VS2 Review

Mobileburn has a review of the Panasonic VS2 phone. It’s apparently the first phone to market (Nokia recently announced plans for one – N92) with a 16 million color screen (don’t know how you would utilize these colors). Mobile...


Panasonic TH-65PV500 – Record TV on the TV (sort of)

Panasonic in a surprising twist of ingenuity is releasing a TV that allows you to record (MPEG 4) its contents (what’s on TV) to SD card. Just pop-out the SD card and pop it into your favorite PVP, and watch the content on the ...

Mircosoft Hype Machine Strikes Again

More Microsoft news – fun huh? In attempt to ‘fan the hype flames’ Microsoft has begun to ship its Xbox 360 accessories and games. In addition, Microsoft will hold a sun scorching (literally) 3 day event (starting November 19th...


Mircosoft to Buy AOL

Not buy them entirely, but a good chunk. Apparently Microsoft has "emerged as a frontrunner" in the purchase of a stake of AOL. As to whether or not this will help or hurt AOL, who knows. What we do know is that alot of people ...
Cell Phones

Samsung SPH-8200: More details revealed

Last week Samsung announced the SPH-8200 8 megapixel camera phone. This week we got a photo and a few more details. The SPH-8200 will feature 4x zoom, 13 scene modes, and manual white balance adjustment. Not bad for a camera ph...