Daily Archives: November 8, 2005

Kodak EasyShare One Review


CNET.com posted a review of the Kodak EasyShare One digital camera today. This 4 megapixel digital camera features a 3x optical zoom and built in Wi-Fi for transfering photos. What did CNET.com have to say? Pros: Very easy and effective Wi-Fi setup and sharing; three-inch LCD great for reviewing images;...

Sony DSC-T5 Review


The Register has a quick review (syndicated from Pocket-lint.co.uk) of the Sony DSC-T5 ultra slim digital camera. Apparently, the T5 is 1.5cm thin, and takes some high quality pics. Its lacks an optical view finder, but Sony has made up for this short coming with improved battery life so images...

Canon PowerShot S80 Review


DPreview.com has posted a review of Canon’s PowerShot S80. The Powershot S80 is Canon’s 8 megapixel update to last year’s 7 megapixel S70. What did dpreview.com think of the new PowerShot? So then, the S80 is a camera that proves there is hope for the new generation of 8 megapixel...

Brand New Apple iBook Cheap: $884


So we may have discovered the cheapest place to get an 12″ iBook: Amazon.com Simply use their search engine A9.com for a week and receive the automatic 1.57% discount. Then purchase the 12″ iBook G4 1.33 mhz computer and send in your $100 rebate. The final price, assuming you don’t...

WiBro: The Fast Moving WiFi


The company behind the iRiver music devices, Reigncom, is developing a WiBro supported gaming device. You are probably asking what the hell is WiBro, why do I care, and does it have anything to do with WiFi? Well, to answer your questions that I so wittingly put in your head,...

Dell Selling AMD Chips

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Dell has begun to sell stand alone chips made by AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). Dell, which doesn’t currently offer the chips in any of its machines, was tight lipped to its recent product addition....

Samsung T809 Review


Head on over to PCMag for a review of the Samsung T809. For the most part PCMag was impressed with its slick slider design, crisp screen, and megapixel camera. They discovered that the T809’s foot print is almost the same size as the RAZR (slider closed). Talk time was 7...

RAZR V3i, Blue RAZR, Pink RAZR officially announced


Motorola officially announced some new RAZR phones that have been rumored for awhile. The newly announced Motorola RAZR V3i will be adding features like a 1.23 megapixel camera, expandanable memory, support Ev-DO, and iTunes music player. Also, announced that Motorola would be bringing the RAZR Pink and Blue stateside. Previously...

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