Daily Archives: November 7, 2005

P2P Grokster Shut Down


The now illegal P2P file sharing software company called Grokster has been shut down. After a 3 year battle, the RIAA and MPAA has won its battle and Grokster will no longer be able to distribute or facilitate distribution of copyrighted material. Yet another case of common carrier – who...

Sprint PPC-6700 Review

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Mobileburn has a review of the recently released Sprint PPC-6700. In short, Mobileburn found the device a bit on the porky side weighing in at 6.7oz (according to them this is a tad heavier then Sprint claims). Mobileburn liked the device sturdiness, extra CPU power and overall design. The biggest...

Macally Nano Headphones Sans Cord


Macally has a sleek pair of headphones that has a built-in iPod Nano Dock. You gotta wonder if the weight is lopped sided once docked, but nonetheless provides cord free listening. Apparently, there was a Shuffle version (mTune) that debuted last month....

Nokia 770 Shipping

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Nokia has begun to ship its 770 Internet Tablet device this week in Europe. Expect US sales to start sometime next week. The Nokia 770 will go for 350 euros, which should mean a $415 price tag State side. For more info visit: www.nokia.com/770...

Sony PSP Giga Pack announced


Sony announced a new combo pack for their Playstation Portable (PSP) just in time for the upcoming holiday season. The new pack, known as the PSP Giga Pack, will feature the PSP system (still only in black), a 1GB Memory Stick PR0 Duo, battery pack, AC adaptor, USB Cable, and...

Program your TiVo through Yahoo


Tivo and Yahoo launched a service today that will allow Tivo Series2 owners to program their TiVo from yahoo.com. The service will take advantage of Yahoo’s already developed Yahoo! TV. Users can search for shows, look at images, read cast bios, check out reviews, and so much more on this...

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