Archive for September 23rd, 2014

Nintendo announces Wi-Fi plan for Europe

Nintendo has already announced its deals in the US to offer Wi-Fi access for its DS handheld (remember our post about McDonalds?) Now it looks like the deals are in place for Europe. You can expect more than 7500 hotspots in th...

Online books at Amazon

Amazon is trying to do to books what the iPod has done to music. They want to give you the ability to download any book online. The service, which is set to start next year, will enable you pay a fee for online access to any bo...


Motorola Pink RAZR shipping in Germany

A pink version of the immensely popular Motorola RAZR V3 is now shipping in Germany exclusively through the phone house. The pink RAZR was previously only available in the UK and Canada. Stil no word on when the US will receive...