Daily Archives: November 2, 2005

Sony Puts Spyware on Your Computer


Sony Music is using a technology found in Spyware and viruses to protect the contents of its music disks. The software resides on your computer and gets there with your permission via an end user license agreement. Apparently, the technology is virutally undetectable unless you are an expert in Window’s...

Blackberry 8700c Review


Saw this one originally at Engadget. Bruce Meyerson of the associated press has a review of the new Blackberry 8700c. Only released last Tuesday, Bruce has been emailing and calling on the device for the last two weeks. For the most part he enjoyed the 8700, but noted that it...

Nokia N80 UPnP Phone Released


Last but not least, Nokia also released its N80 UPnP phone. Equipped with WLAN and 3G the phone is the world’s first UPnP handset. The UPnP (short for universal plug and play) allows control for wirelessly exchanging content between PC, audio equipment and TVs. That means that media saved on...

Nokia N92 DVB-H Released

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Nokia unveiled its N92 TV phone at today’s Nokia Mobility Conference 2005 (looks kind of like Samsung’s most recent device). According to Nokia, the N92 is “the world’s first mobile device with a built-in DVB-H receiver?. DVB-H receiver, huh? Basically it lets you watch and record live TV on your...

Nokia N71 Release


Nokia in a cell phone release barrage/party (whatever you wanna call it) unveiled its N71, the latest phone to enter the family of XpressMusic phones. The phone supports FM radio, digital video and music and sports Nokia’s Web Browser with Mini Map. The Mini Map allows a view of the...

Honda FCX: Full-Cell car test drive

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Honda is officially test driving the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered car. How are they testing the Honda FCX? Well they’re leasing it to Jon Spallino, an average guy, for $500. Considering the only existing Honda FCX is worth about $1 million dollars, I’d say he got a good...

Watch TV, DVDs, and PVR from your PSP


Sure we just announced how you can transfer movies and music to your PSP via PSP Media Manager. But you haven’t heard nothing yet. Sony’s LocationFree product, which allows you to view any of your home content including live television, DVDs, and record PVR content via any Wi-Fi connection, just...

Nokia to bring N-Gage games to smart phones


hen Nokia introduced its portal gaming device / phone, the N-Gage, back in 2002, they planned on selling 6 million devices by 2005. Come 2005, they’ve sold 2 million. Disappointed? Well Anssi Vanjoki, head of Nokia’s Multimedia division, is. He decided to extend the reach of the N-Gage games, he...

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