Daily Archives: November 1, 2005

Transfer Movies and Music with PSP Media Manager


Sony is releasing an app called PSP Media Manager that will enable PSP fans to transfer their media (digital music, photos, and video) from their computer to PSP with ease. The option already existed, but not in a nice neat package and from the manufacture themselves. PSP users will also...

Sony DSC-T9 Ultra Thin Camera Released


Sony released its 1� thin DSC-T9 six megapixel digital camera today. It features a photo stabilization option (two gyro-sensors that detects movement and compensates to provide a clear shot) that should reduce image blur from movement. The DSC-T9 also has a “folded-path lens system� which means that the lens doesn’t...

Remote controlled humans


As cool as the Sony’s remote controlled dog, the AIBO, is, I have to give it to the folks at Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. They got you beat Sony. They just invented remote controlled humans. What!? The technology, known as galvanic vestibular stimulation, allows you to send signals through...

Sony “Giga Panel” Xplod MEX-1GP Announced


Sony’s new car stereo receiver, the Xplod MEX-1GP, is a next generation MP3 player for your car. The car stereo will feature one gig of MP3’s, hence the nickname the “Giga Panel.” The Xplod will feature a removable faceplate. Once removed, you can hook the faceplate up to your PC...

BlackBerry 8700c announced: Intel powered


RIM has announced its newest Blackberry will run on an Intel processor — the BlackBerry 8700c. The 8700c, which was code-named Electron, will run on an Intel 312MHz PXA901 XScale processor. The device will come with 64MB of flash memory and 16MB of SRAM (static RAM). The device will feature...

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