Monthly Archives: November 2005

NEC PC Parafield: a laptop with no hard drive


NEC has developed the first laptop computer without a hard drive – the PC Parafield. The idea behind this crippled piece of hardware, is that it combines high data security while still being portable. While at the office, the machine is intended to work as a thin-client system, drawing its...

Apple Digital Camera Rumor


According to Macsimumnews a reissued (Apple’s QuickTake digital camera of ’97 was the first attempt) patent to Apple may mean the introduction of a new Apple Digital Camera. We reported on this rumor about a month ago post Nano announcement, but Apple instead released its Photo Booth and Aperture software....

Nu Tech Darkshadow 256mb MP3 Sunglass Review


BigBruin took a look a Nu Tech’s Dark Shadow 256mb MP3 sunglasses. This is probably the closest competitor to Oakley’s Thump MP3 sunglasses. They both sport a similar design and form factor. Bigbruin was satisfied with the styling and overall sound quality of the Dark Shadow sunglasses and at a...

Xbox 360 Release Title Overview


Business Week did a little expose on the release titles for Xbox 360. Not the most in depth reviews by any account (this is an understatement) but gives you the basic gist of what got released and what to expect. Picture courtesy of Businessweek...

No Pay No Drive


Making your car payment never seemed so annoying. The tech has been around for a while, but it’s now proving effective, especially for one dealership in Norfolk, VA. It’s simple: An anti-start box is installed on your financed car. Make the payment and you receive the code upon payment to...

Robotic PacMan

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At IREX 2005, Bandai and Namco demonostrated a remote controlled PacMan game. In their demo they had a robotic PacMan controlled by a remote control being chased by a robotic ghost. Robotic PacMan actually picked up physical pellets. However, I’m afraid it looks like there was no power pellets in...

Microsoft Fremont: online marketplace announced

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After Google launched Google Base this month, it comes as no shock that Microsoft announced it’s testing its own version of Google Base. The Microsoft online marketplace, code-named Fremont, is a free service which lets people contribute listings similar to Craiglist. It’s a general purpose marketplace whether people are looking...

Sony PlayStation 2: over 100 million shipped


Sonny announced that its total global shipments of the Sony PlayStation 2 had exceed 100 million units since its launch in March of 2000. The breakdown of shipments of the PS2 included 40.65 million to North America, 37.14 million to Europe, and 22.22 million to Asia. By contrast, the original...

Mosquito Buzz Deters Teens


I hate getting old. It sucks and nothing better to remind you of your age with the loss of your hearing ability. As a teen I often could tell when a TV was on just by the sound of a high pitch buzz. Now in my mid 20s I am...

Sony PSP Firmware 2.60 released


Sony released a new firmware update for the Sony PSP. Version 2.60 adds supports for WMA music files and RSS feed support. That’s right, you can finally read Gadget Review on your PSP. Yeah, I’m pretty sure your life is complete. You can download the new firmware on the Sony...

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