Sony Ericsson W900 Walkman Phone Released

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25 Comments to Sony Ericsson W900 Walkman Phone Released

  1. why are theese phones soooo exspensive no 1 has this kind of money during the year an they always find another phone better soo they have to lower the prices the lower the price the popular it will be its a fab phone an i really want one but i only get 200 pounds for christmas and i hope it will be less im only 12 an did u know you get picked on in my school for having rubbish phones an this is 1 cool phone i would love to flash 1 of these off

  2. hi
    i waas jush woundering how much this phones cost you seriously need to put the price on

  3. Dam this phone is PIMPIN’ but I also want to know how much it costs and where I can get it from……………………….Plz wud you e-mail me the price of the W900 As Soon As Possible I wud realy like to get it b4 the whole world knows about it. Thanx PEACE OUT!

  4. Hi,
    I’m a citzen of NEPAL . I would like to know the price of sony ericsson w900 and w850 in nepal currency or US$currency or kuwait currency . plz would u send me a mail in my id . if u r sending then very very thanks .

  5. how much is dis fne gona cost?
    i tink that fnes r rip offs u pay hundreds n hundreds 4 a phone n it cn easily break!!!
    that y i tink the shuld drop d price n only pay the propa amount 4 insurance so if u do break it u can get another 1!!!

  6. best phone i’ve ever had, and i don’t think thats gonna change anytime soon. its got style and smarts. i’ll never let it out of my sight

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