Samsung T809

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15 Comments to Samsung T809

  1. i bought this samsung t809 from a T-Mobile corporate cuz they didnt have this on those small T-mobile business.. and i must say this phone is way better than any other phones out there.. the prices is very expensive but its worth it.. i love how you can record a song and use it as ur ringtone or as a caller-id ringtone.. lovin the mp3.. its a MUST HAVE phone for 2006…

  2. The keypad does light up. Just visit and download the instruction manual for full details. Excerpt: A backlight illuminates the display and keypad. When you press any key or slide the phone open, the back light comes on.

  3. i was just wondering if anyone knew if the number pad lights up. i couldn’t tell by any of the pictures that are out-

  4. I had the choice between a 250 dollar blk sidekick 2 limited edition WITH NO UPGRADES FROM THE ORIGINAL or a FREE feature packed razr thin samsung t809. I choose this 809 n cant wait to use it. They didn’t get it yet but when they do ill pick it up. I CANT WAIT

  5. its not coming out till monday the 12 and some t-mobile stores still havent gotten them in so good luck getting one. the price is just a little high for me but i might get it as a b-day present. :)

  6. Not just that, it also has EDGE… something Motorola can’t get seem to get going on their phones. (And even the few phones that they did manage to put EDGE on have the slower class EDGE). For example, the new PEBL and RAZR V3i have no EDGE.

    The Sammy also has Bluetooth version 2.0, one of the few phones to have that.

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