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Ebay Stop Sale of Bird Flu Medicine

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Ebay recently barred sales of the Flu Medicine Tamiflu on its site because its against company policy (and probably illegal too). A single course of Tamiflu had reached a price of about $170 as a result of recent outbreaks of the avian flu – otherwise known as bird flu –...

Sony VAIO VA TV-PC: LCD TV and computer all in one


Sony announced the VAIO VA TV-PC today and it may find its way into some small living rooms. The fully-featured computer features a beautiful 20″ wide screen, high definition LCD television / monitor. So what makes this computer more than just a computer? Well it’s an entire entertainment device when...

McDonalds to serve Nintendo’s WiFi network


You’ll see be able to get more than a Big Mac from McDonalds. Thanks to a partnership between McDonalds and Nintendo, you’ll be able to get Wi-Fi access for your Nintendo DS. So next time you’re craving both a large fry and a killer game of Mario Kart DS, swing...

Take Dish Network Programs on Your PVP

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PocketDish Portable Media Companion AV700E is a fantastic match for your Dish Network DVR recorder (and no we are not a commercial). You can download up to 40 hours of television to this PVP (personal video player). It sports a 7″ LCD and according to you can record up...

Xbox 360 Viral Marketing Campaign


We pulled this one off of Gizmodo originally. Microsoft is running some sort of ‘crop marking’ like viral campaign. Clearly their hope is that the bloggers of the world will disseminate the pics and generate some serious viral buzz about the release of the Xbox 360. Somehow I don’t think...

Holy Huge 102″ Samsung Plasma TV


I originally found this at HDBeat. The very size of the televisions makes you say, “wait, this aint real, someone must have doctored the photo”. But apparently it is real, and according the original source of the picture, LG has a TV that is equally as large. Obviously there is...

Palm Treo 650 to run Blackberry Software


A deal 18 months in the making between Palm and RIM will now allow Palm’s Treo 650 to run Blackberry software. Thanks to this deal, Treo 650 owners will be able to check their Blackberry emails right from their Palm-based phones. With Palm’s earlier deal with Microsoft to create a...

Mobile Blu DAH-1700

- - 3 Comments had found this one. The below link takes you to a Google translated page (originally in French). What we do know is that DAH-1700 has not hit US shores, its color, can display some sort of photos, and comes in a 512MB and 1GB size, and starts about $200...

Rip DVDs to Your iPod Video


Yup, someone already has the answer on how to RIP your favorite DVDs and get them on your iPod. Looking briefly at the instructions, it doesn’t look much different then standard DVD RIPping....

Digital TV by 2009 with Gov’t Money Down


It’s still up in the air to when the TV Titans have to switch to Digital. I had originally understood the year to be 2007, but that may get pushed back to 2009. The US government is due to sell some ‘spectrum’ to raise over $4bn to help support the...

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