Monthly Archives: October 2005

First Look at Apple’s New iMac G5


Our friends at have a quick look and first impression of the new iMac G5. To say the least they are impressed. They also checked out Apple’s new Front Row Software and Remote and found it to be “one of the most intuitive devices? that they have ever used....

Kodak EasyShare C360 Review

- - 5 Comments reviews Kodak’s latest easy-to-use 5 megapixel camera, the EasyShare C360 Digital Camera. The camera has an SD memory card slot, 3x optical zoom, 640 x 480 video recording, and uses AA batteries. What was Trusted Review’s verdict? With it’s user-friendly appeal, ease of use and excellent performance and results...

A face only your cell phone could love


Oki Electric Industry began marketing this week a technology that could add face recognition to your cell phone. Their facial recognition software is known as the “Face Sensing Engine” or FSE. FSE can decode facial images within 280 ms using a 100 MHz Arm9 processor. The FSE works by locating...

Firefox reaches 100 million downloads


Since Mozilla released its web browser, Firefox, last November, there have been over 100 million downloads. According to the Mozilla Foundation, their open source web browser is downloaded 200,000 to 300,000 downloads a day! That’s a lot of Firefox. Firefox has been an open-source project and free since its inception....

Honda Now Offers Autopilot


We picked this one up over at Apparently, you can now order your Honda with autopilot. Well not quite, but close. Honda has developed a camera based technology that keeps your car on the road when you aren’t. The new safety system, called Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), takes...

Electronic Paper Arrives

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E Ink Corporation and LG Philips have drawn (no pun intended) closer to releasing its paper thin LCD screen. Otherwise known as electronic paper, the screen just built is about as thick (300 microns) and flexible as a piece of construction paper. The 10.1″ piece of electronic paper can display...

Gizmondo Pulling or Getting One Pulled


You know that silly gaming device, The Gizmondo? Well apparently one was recently stolen from Gizmondo’s offices. The device was apparently returned because according to Gizmondo, who apparently claims it was not a PR stunt (you see how many press releases these guys did) tracked the device by its GPS...

Apple releases Power Mac G5 Quad and updates to lineup


In addition to updating their Powerbooks, the busy guys at Apple have released new Power Mac G5’s today. The new Power Mac’s are getting an impressive new feature — the processors will now be dual core. And when you consider the high end Power Mac is dual processor, you effectively...

Xbox 360 Omega Bundle


Looks like a lot of places are currently sold out of the Xbox 360 bundle. We took a look over at and found a bundle that will cost you a whopping $1999.69. The bundle does include 3 extra wireless controllers, a boat load of games, and a 1 year...

iRiver U10 Released In US

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iRiver released the US version of its U10 portable music player today. At first the player looks large in size, but is in fact 2.7″ by 1.8″ and sports a 2.2″ screen. It supports DRM (Windows Media Digital Rights Management) and PlayForSure-verified media, the technology featured on Napster, Rhapsody and...

Mircrosoft Announces Cross Platform Xbox 360 Controller


Microsoft announced ‘retail availability’ of its new and first Xbox 360 cross platform controller today. Appropriately named Xbox 360 Controller for Windows, the controller works with the Xbox 360 and Windows XP based computers. Apparently this is a first in the gaming world, and simply allows gamers to simply unplug...

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