Monthly Archives: October 2005

Solar Charge the Cell Phone, iPod, etc


Dutch firm Soldius has deleloped a very portable solar charger for, well, your portable devices. 5 by 3 inches, the devices is small enough to toss into your back pack and should last, according to the company, for 90,000 charges (more then enough for a life time). The device is...

Nintento Revolution World Wide Launch


Nintendo is planning a simultaneous world wide launch of its newest gaming console, the Nintendo Revolution. No other company has attempted this type of launch before, but if anyone can do it, Nintendo can. Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, said that the company doesn’t plan to release the Revolution until sometime...

Listen to Tunes When You’re on the Can


Only the Japanese… The product would be great if it was compatbile with popular music players, but then again what stops you from just taking your DAP into the bathroom. The device plays music via an SD card. Perhaps it has a market in restaurants and other like businesses....

Nokia N90 Review

- - 1 Comment has a review of the ‘yet to officially hit US shores’ Nokia N90 (brethren of the Nokia N91). They weren’t impressed with the N90’s bulky size and hefty price tag (around $900). The phone is marketed as camera/video phone with stellar imaging – Cooltechzone was unable to concur with...

Google Base Confirmed


Google, by ways of Clickz, has confirmed their newest tool: Google Base. As mentioned yesterday, Google Base will be a Craigslist/eBay. Google’s spokesperson, Eileen Rodriguez wrote in an email: We are testing a new way for content owners to submit their content to Google, which will complement existing methods such...

iPod Jacket by Kenpo

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Los Angeles clothing design firm, Kenpo, has released an iPod jacket. The jacket, designed to work with iPod and iPod minis (huh – minis are phasing out, right?), is tech meets style. The jacket is machine washable and requires no batteries for operation. Just simply plug in the iPod and...

TMobile to Launch MDA Vario – Windows Mobile 5.0

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Sometime later this year (in Germany, not sure on US launch) Tmobile will be replacing its MDA III (we never saw) with the MDA Vario. The phone is actually pretty neat looking as it offers a QWERTY keyboard, WiFi, GPRS, and EDGE access. The Vario does mimic a similar form...

Google to Offer a Craigslist/eBay for Free


We don’t know how Gearlive got their hands on Google’s newest tool, but they did. Google purportedly plans to launch a Craigslist like service called Base (see URL string in pic). Gearlive has theorized that the listings could play into Froogle’s (Google’s shopping engine) listings as well. Couple this new...

RFID Chips to Appear in Passports


Holy privacy out the window Batman! Apparently, the US government has passed a mandate that will make RFID tags (primarily used in the tracking of goods, etc) mandatory in US passports. The RFID tags will transmit name, nationality, sex, date of birth, place of birth and digitized photograph of the...

Professional Video Gaming


How would you like to earn $40-60k a year sitting on your ass? Well now you can. Just pick up the controller and start practicing on a highly competitive video game. The Washington Post has an ‘expose’ on the life of a video gamer. Granted he still lives at home...

Canon Introduces WiFi Digital Camera


Canon will release a version of its compact Ixy digital camera with built in WiFi sometime this December, in Japan (Nikon recently released a version of their own). This is Canon’s first WiFi built in camera. The WiFi functionality will allow the user to immediately send photos to their computer...

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