Monthly Archives: October 2005

iPod Docking Station w/ Memory Card Reader


Not a necessity but a nifty device. Edgetechcorp is selling an iPod docking station with an integrated memory card reader. This device came to us by ways of (they don’t have permalink otherwise…). The docking station charges your iPod, allows you to listen via external speakers, display pics via...

China to develop its own high definition DVD format


In the battle between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD for the next generation of DVDs, China has chosen a different side — it’s own. China has announced plans to develop its own standard for high definition DVDs to avoid paying licensing fees. The official Xinhua News Agency said the new standard will...

Google Maps is out of Beta


Google has combined its Google Maps and Google Local searches into one new site “Google Local” and taken the site out of beta! While Google seems to normally leave their services in beta forever (check out Froogle and News), Google Local seems to have made it out in record time....

$25,000 MP3 Player – The Presidential


This is more ridiculous then the Vertu phones that Nokia released a few years back. The Presidential is not only the most expensive MP3 player, but the grossest display of “I am filthy rich and have no sense of value”. Its incrusted with diamonds on the front, is hand delivered...

Sorry! No iPod Video According to ThinkSecret


According to and its sources we won’t be seeing an iPod Video next Tuesday. Apparently we will be seeing both a capacity bump (80GB) and size slim down in the color iPods. Due to favorable sales of the black iPod Nano Apple may also release an additional color –...

SED vs Plasma and LCD

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Hold on. What the hell is SED and how is it better then LCD and plasma? Canon this past week showed off its SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter) TV at its Canon Expo and will continue to do so for the coming months. Apparently SED merges traditional CTR TV and flat panel...

Gizmondo Release Date October 22nd


Gizmondo, that funky GPS meets gaming device, is now slated for official release here in the US on October 22nd. Apparently, you can pick one up for $239; that is of course you are willing to be subjected to their ads. An ad free version will run you $399 according...

More complete XBox 360 launch games list


Video game publishers have made announcements that fill up the partial XBox 360 lineup release by Microsoft a few days ago. As Microsoft said before, the XBox 360 should have between 15 to 20 games launched alongside the Xbox 360 on November 22nd. Now added on to the list: Take-Two,...

iRobot announces Redowl: sniper detector prototype


iRobot, the creators of the fabulous Roomba vacuum cleaner, and The Photonics Center at Boston University have unveiled a prototype system that could help save the military from snipers. The remote controlled system known as Redowl (robot enhanced detection outpost with lasers) is designed to pinpoint incoming rounds from rfiles...

“My Name is Earl” in High Def Rocks!


Viewers of NBC’s “My Name is Earl” will receive a special easter egg joke if they watch the show in high definition tonight. Taking advantage of the widescreen format of high definition, the makers are putting in a joke that only HD viewers will be able to see. During the...

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