iRobot, the creators of the fabulous Roomba vacuum cleaner, and The Photonics Center at Boston University have unveiled a prototype system that could help save the military from snipers. The remote controlled system known as Redowl (robot enhanced detection outpost with lasers) is designed to pinpoint incoming rounds from rfiles and mortars.

Redowl is designed to work alongside iRobot’s PackBot. PackBot is a srobot small enough to be carried by a soldier and has already been in active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Redowl features a laser pointer and illuminator, an acoustic localizer and classifier, a thermal imager, GPS (Global Positioning System), an infrared and daylight camera, and two wide-angle cameras. According to the company

In field tests, the PackBot-Redowl combination had a success rate of 94 percent in locating the source of rounds fired from 9mm pistols, and M-16 and AK-rifles, at a range of more than 100 meters.

There goes the element of suprise from sniping.

Christen Costa

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