So I was just doing some reading (go figure, a blogger reading) and came across an article stating discontent for Apple’s iTunes Music Store’s $1.99 cost per TV episode. So my mind immediately jumped back to the Dish Network AV700E, a PVP that allowed you to take your recorded content on the road. So of course the natural transition was ‘how do you get your Tivo’s recorded shows on to your iPod Video’. I did a quick Google search and struck gold.

The guys over at Engadget recently acquired this contributor who apparently knows his Tivo stuff cold, and fortunately he has written a detailed article on how to transfer your Tivo shows to your iPod Video. It’s gonna take a little work, not much, but if you are the faint hearted when it comes to technical/software implementation I recommend grabbing your more technically inclined buddy. But for those that like anything tech and can get around an OS fine, you should have no problem. It just requires that you download a video converter and have a networked Tivo.

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