AMD, primarily a computer chip maker, has already begun to market a $299 computer in India and Latin America; regions with vast populations and large rich-poor gaps. This news comes on the heels of MIT announcing plans for $100 laptop. AMD plans to partner with Radio Shack here in the US, but caution has been noted as American consumers show little to no interest in ultra cheap computers – can you say S-U-V..

The PIC, Personal Internet Communicator, runs AMD Geode GX processor at 366mhz and sports a 10GB hard drive. The device also has 4 USB ports and a VGA monitor out. The device won’t ship with a monitor, but it does include the necessary keyboard and mouse. Its operating systems is Windows CE and ships with Internet Explorer, Powerpoint, and a few other base level programs.

In a good faith (aka PR) move AMD donated 400 of these to hurricane Katrina victims.

Christen Costa

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