Daily Archives: October 28, 2005

Archos Gmini 402 Camcorder Review


(Found this one originally at DAPReview.net) What do you get when you put a PVP and a camcorder together? The Archos Gmini 402 Camcorder of course. The French guys at GenerationMP3 have a review of the device. They note that the camcorder quality is decent, but still photo quality is...

Sex.com Thief Captured


That scum bag, Stephen Michael Cohen, who stole Sex.com from Gary Kremen (founder of Match.com) was finally apprehended by US authorities. He had been on the lam for 6 years, living just across the boarder in Tijuana, and on and off in Monte Carlo for the past 5 years. Through...

Xbox 360 Selling Short on Wallstreet


According to Business Week, Microsoft has reported a $300 million loss for its first quarter fiscal results. Analysts are attributing this loss to Microsoft’s short selling of its much anticipated Xbox 360. They apparently were expecting Microsoft to sell about 2.5 million Xbox 360 units this holiday season, but after...

iSkin Releases Duo Protective Case for the iPod Nano


iSkin, maker of protective cases for iPods, released the iSkin Duo for the iPod Nano today. The Duo is designed to protect the Nano not just from cosmetic scratches, but from sudden jolt and shock. iSkin said that “The Duo is made of shock resistant silicone skin that is scratch...

DAP Visualizer for the Home TV

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The idea of a ‘Visualizer’ for your favorite DAP (most likely iPod for many) seems a little silly to me right now, but I am sure where there’s an iPod, there’s a market. The device, called the Music Player Television (MPTV) connects to your TV via RCA (aka composite in)....

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