Daily Archives: October 27, 2005

Solar Charge the Cell Phone, iPod, etc


Dutch firm Soldius has deleloped a very portable solar charger for, well, your portable devices. 5 by 3 inches, the devices is small enough to toss into your back pack and should last, according to the company, for 90,000 charges (more then enough for a life time). The device is...

Nintento Revolution World Wide Launch


Nintendo is planning a simultaneous world wide launch of its newest gaming console, the Nintendo Revolution. No other company has attempted this type of launch before, but if anyone can do it, Nintendo can. Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, said that the company doesn’t plan to release the Revolution until sometime...

Listen to Tunes When You’re on the Can


Only the Japanese… The product would be great if it was compatbile with popular music players, but then again what stops you from just taking your DAP into the bathroom. The device plays music via an SD card. Perhaps it has a market in restaurants and other like businesses....