Daily Archives: October 24, 2005

Casio Announces Exilim Card EX-S600 Camera


Casio has announced an updated version of its Exilim Card EX series. The new Casio EX series gains not only an extra megapixel on its CCD – making it a 6 megapixel camera – but a brighter screen, and image stabilization during video recording. Its predecessor, the Ex-S500, had a...

Interesting Fact: 500k Lose Power A Day


Apparently 500,000 people lose power every day in the US. I had no idea, but last night my lights flickered a few times so it got me wondering. Course I live in a major metropolitan city, so chances are far slimmer then the middle of no where America. Even worse...

Samsung SGH-D307


Samsung introduced its new SGH-D307 QWERTY phone this past week. The phone is actually pretty strange looking due to its dual hinge format. The phone can snap open like a Sidekick, or flip open like a regular flip phone. The phone is not tagged as a Smartphone, but it does...

Motorola Admits the ROKR is No iPod


Motorola’s CEO, Ed Zander, admitted that the Motorola ROKR phone is no iPod, and that they may have ‘got it wrong’. Really Ed, because we had absolutely no idea. At least Motorola is admitting when it was wrong, and by doing so maybe saving face for its future released iTunes...

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