Daily Archives: October 18, 2005

Apple Releasing Digital Camera


It continues to be Apple news and more Apple news. Spotted this one over at GadgetsOnTheGo.net. They picked up a story from MacDailyNews which purports that Apple will be releasing its own digital camera tomorrow. It only seems fitting considering the PhotoPlus Expo is this week. There are also rumors...

The iPod Tax


Although Apple’s new iPod licensing deal may not affect consumers immediately, it may eventually drive the price of some iPod accessories up. Apple is now charging iPod aftermarket accessory manufactures a royalty for placing a ‘Made For iPod’ symbol on its product. Until recently, Apple had not made the symbol...

Intel Notebook Starts Up Instantaneously


Intel has developed a technology that enables a Notebook computer to almost instantaneously startup. Notebooks lacking the technology called Robson, take many more seconds to boot up. According to Intel the speedy up time is accomplished through the use of NAND flash memory. Instead of booting up via the hard...

Cobra NAV 4500: Real Time Traffic Reports


Cobra has released the NAV 4500, a portable navigation device that offers real time traffic reports that can help you avoid those traffic jams on the way home. Thanks to a deal set up with Clear Channel Radio, the device will receive traffic updates over FM radio using Clear Channel’s...

Get Tivo Shows on your iPod Video


So I was just doing some reading (go figure, a blogger reading) and came across an article stating discontent for Apple’s iTunes Music Store’s $1.99 cost per TV episode. So my mind immediately jumped back to the Dish Network AV700E, a PVP that allowed you to take your recorded content...

Motorola PEBL Now Available


Available if you live in Hong Kong that is. Motorola today announced the release of their double hinge (opens in one smooth motion) clamshell phone The Pebl. The phone is pretty feature boring as it only sports a VGA camera and 5MB of memory. Motorola expects the allure of the...

Ebay Stop Sale of Bird Flu Medicine

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Ebay recently barred sales of the Flu Medicine Tamiflu on its site because its against company policy (and probably illegal too). A single course of Tamiflu had reached a price of about $170 as a result of recent outbreaks of the avian flu – otherwise known as bird flu –...

Sony VAIO VA TV-PC: LCD TV and computer all in one


Sony announced the VAIO VA TV-PC today and it may find its way into some small living rooms. The fully-featured computer features a beautiful 20″ wide screen, high definition LCD television / monitor. So what makes this computer more than just a computer? Well it’s an entire entertainment device when...

McDonalds to serve Nintendo’s WiFi network


You’ll see be able to get more than a Big Mac from McDonalds. Thanks to a partnership between McDonalds and Nintendo, you’ll be able to get Wi-Fi access for your Nintendo DS. So next time you’re craving both a large fry and a killer game of Mario Kart DS, swing...

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