Daily Archives: October 16, 2005

Canon SD550 Review


For all those seeking a review on the recently released Canon SD550 Elph, then head over to DPReview.com. They have an extensive review of the SD550 (they have the Ixus750, which is the EU version), but they note in the summary that the SD550 – when compared to its predecessor...

Warning: HP Recalls Notebook Batteries


Watch out now! HP has recalled 135,000 batteries for its HP and Compaq notebooks. The batteries create a burn and fire hazard. HEWLETT-PACKARD has recalled 135,000 battery packs for its laptop computers, citing a fire hazard. HP said that an internal short in the HP and Compaq notebook lithium ion...

Samsung T809


Engadget has some nice pics of the new Samsung T809. Apprently, its due to be released on the T-Mobile network. The slider phone is almost as thin as the RAZR but sports an SD card slot and a megapixel camera. Samsung T809 Review Official Release Announced...

Text Message to a Land Line

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Sounds a little odd to text message to a land line, don’t it? You’re probably asking yourself ‘how the hell the message is displayed on a land line phone’. Then you think that most phones these days have LCDs that can probably show it. Actually, its a lot cooler then...

Oregon is home to Biggest Wi-Fi network


With big cities like San Francisco and Philadelphia contracting companies to build Wi-Fi networks, where do you think the largest Wi-Fi network is? Why it’s in rural Oregon of course! Across the dry and desolate terrain is a 700 square mile Wi-Fi network. Wireless entrepreneur Fred Ziari built the network...

Boob Shot in “She’s Crafty” iTunes Store


We found this one on DAPReview.net. The iTunes Store, had the Beastie Boys’ video “She’s Crafty” (looks like they have removed it). In the video some chick is flashing her ‘knockers’. It looks like they have since removed the video, but thanks to some quick thinking iTunes fans at DAPReview.net,...

Bat Technology May Eliminate Scanners at Airports


A new technology that emits 3mm microwaves may soon eliminate the need for metal detectors at airports. The invention, dubbed Tadar, after the Brazilian Tadarida bat, can create a thermal representation of the scanned item or person. The clothing disappears and anything; change, bombs, guns, toothpaste – you name it...

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