Daily Archives: October 13, 2005

New Motorola RAZR


I4U.com discovered that PSPUpdates got their paws on the rumored new Motorola RAZR. Apparently, the phone will feature an updated camera, 1.3 megapixels, sport an SD memory card slot, and an improved keypad. The new Motorola RAZR is apparently slightly larger in size when compared to its predecessor. As I4U...

Logitech G15 Review by Everythingsub


Everythingsub.com has a gamer’s review of Logitech’s G15 backlit keyboard. It looks like they were pretty impressed with the G15’s design and ‘gaming’ like durability. They found that the keyboard’s blue back light made easy viewing of the keys, but were disappointed with the wrist rest. Even cooler is the...

Gadgets make you walk this way


Finnish scientists have developed a new anti-theft device for laptops, mobile phones, and other gadgets your carry with you. The new anti-theft device? It’s along the lines of bio-identification… it’s how you walk. Thumb prints are out. The gadget monitors the user’s walking style the first time it’s used. Subsequent...

Nintendo DS Gets a Virus


That’s right. Just like the PSP, someone has designed a virus for the Nintendo DS. Purportedly the virus makes the Nintendo DS as useful as a ‘paperweight’. The virus, DSBrick, is disguised as a Hentai viewer, but instead flashes part of the firmware and makes the device inoperable. Fortunately, the...

Faster WiFi Standard


‘G’ is for Gone, and ‘N’ is for Now – at least in the case of the new WiFi standard due out in 2007. Toshiba, Broadcom, Intel, Cisco and portable computer makers Lenovo, and Sony Corp announced that they will jointly develop a new WiFi standard. The new WiFi will...

PEZMP3 Player – Yes the Candy


Sink your teeth into this sweet player. We don’t know how real this is, but apparently there is a PEZ MP3 player out and about. In case you don’t remember, PEZ are those little chokable candies that are dispensed from, well, a novelty dispenser – the head of the dispenser...

Memorex USB flash drive with LCD display


Today Memorex announces its newest USB 2.0 flash drive with TravelDrive ID technology. Just what is TravelDrive ID technology? It’s a 13 character customizable LCD. Just like we were able to label CDs and disks, we’re now able to label flash drives thanks to this innovative little idea. Alright, so...

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