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Archos AV500 PVP Preview

With all the Apple iPod Video hoopla, it only seemed fitting to focus on yet another PVP. The Archos AV500, first found at and featured on CNET, is a formidable PVP offering a 30GB and 100GB version ($500 and $700...

Apple Remote and Universal Dock

Along with all the wonderfully cool products that Apple unleashed this morning, they also included an Apple Universal Dock and Remote. The Apple remote works with the Universal Dock and your iMac G5's Front Row software. With a...


Toshiba Creates Smart Vibrator

Researchers from Toshiba’s Japan division have developed a cell phone feature that increases or decreases vibration intensity depending on the device’s proximity to the user (think pocket here people). The technology, featured ...

Google Security Flaw

Google recently fixed a security flaw on its site that would have allowed hackers to perform ID thefts. The problem was fixed within 36 hours of notification by an Israeli company called Finjan.


Apple’s Front Row: use your Mac from the couch

Apple announced a second app in addition to Photo Booth today -- Front Row! Front Row let's you use your Apple for all its multimedia functions, from the comfort of your couch! Taking advantage of the newly released Apple Remot...

Apple announces new iMac

Apple announced an update to its iMac today. The iMac update includes several key new features, including: built in iSight Front Row - use the new Apple remote control to watch movies / listen to music Photo Booth - take pictur...


Apple’s Photo Booth turns your iSight into a mall photobooth

Apple announced a new piece of software today, Photo Booth, which turns your Mac and iSight into a high tech mall photo booth. The software let's you take pictures of yourself and fun effects such as: Sepia, Black & White, Glow...

Apple iPod Video Confirmed!!!

Unfreakin' believable. The new iPod Video comes in 30GB and 60GB sizes and black or white (like the iPod Nano). The 30GB is 45% smaller (now 1/2" thin) then the original iPod, and the 60GB model is 10% smaller then the 4th gen ...


Still Not 100% Sure What Apple Has For Us Today

No definite confirmation on an iPod video, but rumors say 'sort of'. A new iMac with a new and improved iSight built-in are apparently true. Currently the Apple Store is down, which very well could mean they are adding their ne...

Nokia launches new corporate phones: E60, E61, E70

Nokia, in an attempt to get a piece of the business market, has launched 3 new mobile phones for corporate users. The new E60, E61, and E70 are designed to work with mobile e-mail systems including RIM's BlackBerry Connect and ...


Sony notebooks show their true colors

Sony introduced a line of slim notebooks that will come in five different colors. The new FJ series of VAIO notebooks will give you a choice of: Onyx Black, Pearl White, Sky Blue, Jade Green and Raspberry Red. You'll get the ou...