Daily Archives: October 10, 2005

GPS On Your Nextel for Cheap


The guys at Mologogo have figured out a way to get GPS on your Nextel phone. According to them you can even do it on a Boost mobile phone that runs for $60 (hell even if the commercials are ridiculous, this is an ingenuous idea). The GPS even allows you...

Look Ma’ No Wire: Charge Your iPod Wirelessly

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How would you like to eliminate the regular plugin charging of your iPod or cell phone? What if you could walk into your house, put down your device – anywhere – and it would automatically charge? A company, created as the result of a Cambridge University competition, called Splashpower, has...

Buy a Pepsi With Your Cell Phone


Pepsi and a company called Wirca willl roll out new Pepsi vending machines on a trial basis that will allow you to purchase a can of refreshingly crisp soda with your cell phone. The technology has actually existed for sometime and has been widely tested in certain parts of Asia....

Sony Ericsson Announces P990 Symbian SmartPhone


Sony Ericsson has just announced its newest version of the P900 series, the P990. The Sony Ericsson 990 Smartphone is the 4th installment of this series. Earlier versions were the P800, 900, and 910. We first saw leaked pictures of the new 900 (code named ā€œHermioneā€?) back in mid September....

Battle.net Hacked on Friday October 7th Screen Shot


So if you remember, Battle.net got hacked on Friday, October 7th and I forgot to screen shoot it out of pure excitement. Fortunately, somebody at DSLReports Forum was smart enough to do so. This screenshot is just one of many. If anyone else has found a different version then below,...

Now your cell phone can brew you coffee!


How many times have you made the bad joke “this $400 cell phone can do everything, even make me a cup of coffee!” Never? Well I know I do. We can address my bad sense of humor later. For now, let’s stick to a gadget by Tea makers ‘PG Tips’...

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