Daily Archives: October 7, 2005

Blizzard Entertainment’s Portal/Servers Just Got Hacked


Blizzard Entertainment’s portal/server was recently hacked. If you vist Battle.net you will find a black screen. Simply do a ‘Select All’ and you will something special. Blizzard games produces such popular hits as Diablo, Warcraft, and many more. UPDATE: The site have been fixed – I should have screen shot...

Beware: Sony PSP Viruses Do Exist


Symantec has confirmed that a virus for the Sony PSP does in fact exist. The virus, which was seeded in a PSP chat room, was marketed as a mod that allows you to use non-Sony software on your PSP. Once downloaded the virus Trojan.PSPBrick leaves the PSP inoperable. F-Secure has...

iPod Docking Station w/ Memory Card Reader


Not a necessity but a nifty device. Edgetechcorp is selling an iPod docking station with an integrated memory card reader. This device came to us by ways of DAPReview.net (they don’t have permalink otherwise…). The docking station charges your iPod, allows you to listen via external speakers, display pics via...

China to develop its own high definition DVD format


In the battle between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD for the next generation of DVDs, China has chosen a different side — it’s own. China has announced plans to develop its own standard for high definition DVDs to avoid paying licensing fees. The official Xinhua News Agency said the new standard will...

Google Maps is out of Beta


Google has combined its Google Maps and Google Local searches into one new site “Google Local” and taken the site out of beta! While Google seems to normally leave their services in beta forever (check out Froogle and News), Google Local seems to have made it out in record time....

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